Monday, July 14, 2014


Are you looking for an electric guitar?  Finding an extended range is even better, with the help of online shopping at the  musicans friend  online store.  I visited the website several times and saw quality guitars and supplies to fill your very order.  See the wide array of equipment they have and determine which will be shipping to your home soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

TV Series Posters

We have several TV series posters that can be bought for $4 each plus shipping.  If interested you can contact me or go to "craigslist.dallas.org" and find them.

Cycle Parts

Most cycle rider's are interested in one thing and that's the cycle being in perfect condition when on a ride.  If you own a oem honda, then getting the replacement parts has become easier with online stores.  You can shop for  oem honda motorcycle parts   by clicking on the link in this post and see the very part your interested in buying.  Shipping will be easier for you as well.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Coca Cola Glasses

These are collectable "Coca Cola" glasses.  The 6oz. green glasses are listed on "Craig's List" for sale.  There is a set of 12 in the original box, which was researched on "ebay" and 1 glass alone is priced for $11.77 starting price.  The box of 12, Lot # 6303, can be obtained for $45.00 plus UPS Priority 1-3 days shipping & handling if interested.

Budweiser Belt Buckles

A collection of Budweiser Belt Buckles by the Bradford Exchange is something your man cave could use.  There are 18 buckles on a black felt matte, with a center plaque of Clydesdale horses.  The collection wouldn't be complete without a leather belt and the hole punch included.  This set is for sale on "ebay" and "Craigs List" for $300 plus shipping and handling.  If interested let us know..........

Monday, May 26, 2014