Tuesday, June 28, 2016


 I'm sure there is always a new form of equipment, that comes open on the market, during a physical year.  It is true, with the music industry, when new equipment such as the  harbinger speakers  are needed to be replaced or added to one's  allotment of instruments.  Checking into the supply of instruments, at this website would serve their purpose, since there are so many to choose from.  Click on the above link and look at their speakers, and other things at the same time.

Child Support

How is it that a man, can be paying child support on both back and current support and still get the knife in the back?  I know someone who, just paid off one, back due support on one child, and now the State is taking him to court over the other child, that he's currently paying both delinquent and current support on.  I'm sure they are trying to up his support since he recently paid that one off.  Still it's common knowledge that there are people in jails and prisons, that have delinquent child support, that they'll never be able to pay, because they are stuck in the legal system.
So, where's the logic in this?  How, can support be paid, if the person, can't work?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


 It's a good thing to have when you are learning music.  Finding the right information is necessary to get the right sounds established in your music.  The  ChordBuddy  offers plenty of information and guides you to finding the right way of blending.  Music can be a beautiful thing when presented correctly.  You find there are many people who really don't try to make beautiful music.  I hear a lot of noise these days.


Everyone finds a way to talk about the weather, especially when they don't have anything else to talk about.  It's a good intro to a conversation and gets the ground broke for more subjects.  Our weather is humid and makes for discomfort.  I really needed the rain on my garden that they predicted, and it was not as much as I hoped for.  Needless, to say, when you want rain......it won't come.....when you don't want it, it's right there.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pantry Slide

If your like me, then there's always a place you can't get to or not enough room in the cabinets.  I don't even want to mention the fridge.  Yet, here you are looking to jam more cans or boxes of food into that already full pantry.
You can find a better way of handling your pantry goods, when you introduce the  fulterer pantry slide  to your drawers and shelves.  You can shop for these conveniences, online in and have your purchase on the way in a matter of minutes.  Click the above link and look at all the designs waiting for you at this website.


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The last few days we've been telling the cat to get us a rat.......

If you look in her mouth, you can see that she's carrying something.

It's a rat.......on the ground.........and the damn thing is still alive, playing possum.......but, it's not long before she picks him up and tosses him up in the air playing with him...........later he became a meal for her and the rest another cat took. 
Today, I found a partly eaten bird, lying on the ground..........now, I'm thinking she's been having a feast and then getting good food inside as well.........

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Class Rings

No doubt, the graduates for this year, have already purchased their class rings and have them on their hands.  Next year will bring a whole new group of graduating seniors to select their class rings for the year.  It's nice to have this memento of your time in school and the standard it brings to a new job interview.  When shopping for  high school class rings - joyjewelers.com  can and will help you decide which is best and affordable for your ring.
I remember wearing a class ring, which a certain boyfriend gave me during our courtship.  You really felt like the other girls were in envy of you and the guys accepted the fact that you were taken.  High school is really a time to preserve in your memories.  Taking advantage of this special time of life, is a one time thing, never to return.  So, that special class ring will bring you pleasure, for years to come, when you look down at it on your hand.


From last month when the blooms were just popping out, you see we now have peaches.

The weather spared the new fruit, when we had some frost one morning a couple of weeks ago.  I'm very glad, because this tree puts out some really sweet peaches in June.  The other peach tree I have, doesn't mature until August.  So, I have two seasons on peaches to process each year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cake Walk

 It can be a "cakewalk" when you visit this website in search of an array of  Virtual Instruments  offered.  They give you every reason to shop their website, with all the supplies to see and assortment of equipment.  Shopping for musical instruments is unique since you need to try them before you purchase.  Hopefully, you have experience in the music field, when you do this deed.

Garland Damage

This is a picture of some of the damage the tornadoes cause on Dec. 26, 2015.  It's not a very good picture, since I was in the car as we drove past.  The National Disaster Team is still on the properties,  even today.  Clean up has been hampered by several different aspects.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Buy That Guitar

 When you come to the decision of buying a guitar, it opens up the field of where, when and how.  That's just a portion of the vast field of knowledge you delve into.  I am sure you can find online stores such as the one linked to the  guitar center coupon code  in this post.  It may well, suit your needs and give you extra budget strengths with your purchase.  Click the link and see where the website adventure takes you.


It seems that I have been getting a few visits from certain readers overseas.  It's ok, because this is a world wide blog, for everyone's indulgence.
To those who are following my writings on here, it is a big thanks from this writer, that I offer.  I wonder what you are interested in and if your are just following protocol, with website traffic builders?  If so, then more power to your efforts.  I hope you make a large amount of income.
I haven't and that's to be understood, since I've become lax in my efforts to write or gather information for my blogs.  I'm in a writer's blah stage and have gotten tired of it.  Maybe, I will pick back up soon.  Who knows?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Drum Your Way

 I've noticed that I have obtained a visit from south of the border, and that would mean they are looking to future visits to the USA.  They love music and there's always a place for drums to accompany the guitars they carry as they stroll around.  You can shop for  different types of drums  at this link and find exactly what your needing. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US .