Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Miss America 1959

Mary Ann Mobely, has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She was 75 at the time of her death.  Miss Mobley,  was an American actress, television personality and Miss America.  Condolences to her family and friends.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just Stop It!

Hey, all you idiots, what in the hell do you think your doing?  This damn rioting because a person of race has been killed by another race is a bunch of crap!  If the person of interest was committing a crime and being bullyish, then he should have gotten in trouble.  The fact that he got killed is a part of life in your area.  What day goes by that a murder doesn't happen up there?  You always want things to start trouble about and that's why your race is pulling these bullyish actions on the rest of our nation.  Many of your own race have backed away and are trying to maintain peace, where you are making strife!  You wonder why people don't like what your doing?  Take a look at the things your looting and destroying, that people have put their life savings into!  Why do you think it is right for someone to come in and take something that don't belong to them?  I'm just tired of all the crap and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Oh by the way, I wonder?  Do you know what the meaning of "ashamed" is ?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

She Speaks Out........

She speaks out about what happened.......

Cosby Rapes?

He needs to say something.............like......."I didn't do it!"

Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

I noticed where the snow had covered up many areas in New York.  I'm sure it must be horrible to be in such a disaster and be unable to move around as usual.  It's possible that these poor people will be stuck several days or even weeks with the weather problem.
Staying warm is a major concern, when dealing with a blizzard of this nature.  The new reports told of how a few unfortunate people have lost their lives during this winter storm.  Being buried alive in your cars is a bad thing.  I saw where the snow was as tall as a 6ft. man and that's a huge storm.  They were expecting more snow in the next two or three days after this one hit.
Homes, need to have access to heating facilities which can be converted during certain outages like this.  As you know, the EPA is strict on emissions and the need to control the output of certain gas emissions.  During your time of being snowed in, you need to have  tri-fuel portable generators   that can be adapted to the type of fuel you have access to.  They say that you can even use a BBQ propane tank to fuel these kits.  That's very convenient I would say, and something you could grab in a hurry.
There's a website where you can get information about this type of generator kit.  The  century fuel products  gives you information to handle the conversion of these generators to other types of fuel.  They offer a step by step information list which tells you what you need to install the  tri-fuel conversion kits   to you generator.  They explain the correct way and tools needed for the conversion.  I'm sure there are many up in New York and surrounding areas that could use this valuable information.  For prices, brands and shipping click on the links in this post and research their products.

Not Many Years Ago

If you think this looks bad, just think of what I'm thinking looking at my old fat face.  I look at how the years have taken their toll on my face and body.  Boy, what a good makeover would do for this face.  I wish I could have afforded good anti aging skin protection to help my skin.  Now, I am stuck with this mug and it's not a very pretty sight.  No wonder I can't find a nice man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Your Too Loud!

Parents are constantly telling their children this and it's all because "it's true"!  The music the young people play these days is deafening and can actually drive a parent crazy.  It's as though they like it that way to drown out the world around them.  Next time they want to hear their loud music, have this  link here  ready to visit and purchase a pair of earphones.  With fast shipping, you can get your items in no time and save your sanity.

The Turkey

turkey.jpg Live Turkey image by odatsun 
In a few days, many of us will gather around the kitchen table for a fine feast of turkey & dressing with all the trimmings.  It will be a time for families, to get together and give thanks for being together one more year.  There are families, who won't be able to be together, because of one thing or another, but their hearts, minds and souls will be there with those they love and care about.  To my friends and readers, who I offer my fellowship........have a great time and Happy Thanksgiving.....!

1st Dance

It's going to be your wedding day and you want it to be special for the both of you and you families.  As usual the 1st dance is the greatest time to explore new horizons of your life.  Finding a good  wedding dance  doctor/planner is something you will want to do in advance.  Consider looking under the link in this post to find a convenient planner for your event.  Make sure you look at the plans that follow your wedding scheme, to make it a wonderful time for all.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Were you watching the CMA awards last night?  If you were then you know that Blake Shelton took "top male vocalist of the year", Miranda Lambert, (his wife) took "top female vocalist of the year" and Luke Bryan to "Top Entertainer of the Year".  Congrats to all who won and I know it makes them feel really great to be acknowledged at the best.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick and Treat Fun Scary Facts/Halloween Industry

Halloween Infographic photo Halloween_LabDoor.jpg
Halloween LabDoor Title photo ScreenShot2014-10-20at13115PM.png   LABDOR.COM
Check out this website about the information they found when researching the Halloween Industry's income.  You'll also be surprised about their findings on the sugar intake of our family's during this holiday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crash Bang

Have you ever watched a child, when they get the chance to make loud noises?  It's a thrill to get everyone's attention with the loud crashing noise, even though those people may not appreciate it.  Cymbals, are a great way to make that great noise, and then you would have to approach the music industry with apologies, because of their love of music.  There are  Hot Deals  you can obtain, when searching for a great price with quality, on a set of cymbals.  Look at the link in this post and go to the website, for further information.

An Emerging Awareness

I noticed this website when surfing through another website that had caught my eye.  I felt the need to show this link to my readers, for their chance to see some of the other things going on around our country.  The link  http://theothermccain.com/2011/07/12/an-emerging-awareness/  gives an in depth explanation of how things are being done in certain states and why they are being allowed to happen.   I highly suggest you take the time to visit this website and read some of the material listed.