Friday, August 21, 2015

Eli's Western Wear

This is something that we Texans will be interested in searching.  A family owned western store online, for just about anything you need to outfit your western gear. The   Eli's Western Wear  online store, offers basics as well as accessories to make your attire acceptable in the Western World activities. If your just an outright Cowboy out on the ranch, taking care of livestock, then you know exactly what type of rig you need and now you know where to get it online.  Besides that, you can get "free shipping" on orders over $99. I'd say that's quite a deal in itself, when people like you are too busy to go shopping at your local stores. Whether it's bits, spurs, whips, saddles, girths, halters, leads, reins or other "tack" that's needed, you can find the best supplies here at this store.  That's just a part of the items they stock.
Clothing is essential for your western scene, and they have a huge selection for all.  Cowboys, Cowgirls or Buckaroos can get the best name brand clothing and accessories, when you shop at Eli's Western Wear.  To shop for a sale item just click on the link in this post and see what they offer.


Two years ago tomorrow, I had my first surgery on my right eye for cataracts.  This was something scary and I really didn't like the idea of someone messing with the only pair of eyes that I have.  Because I was almost blind, it became a necessary thing to do.  For awhile everything did well, but then I started having sight problems again.  This time he had to remove scar tissue on one eye.  The other one is still waiting for help, since I only have Medicare to pay for it and 20% of the cost comes out of my pocket.  Hope my eye can wait for me to get the last one paid off?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Drugs Takes Another One

Bobbie Kristina Brown, gave up her battle for life, yesterday after a long struggle to keep her alive.  It's just too sad the way things happen in the entertainment realm.  Money, fame and a good life can't seem to help them be happy.  Her life was too short to be snuffed out in this manner.  Condolences, to her family, friends and coworkers.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tenn. Attack Leaves 5 Dead

Once again our nation is reeling from the attack of a terrorist in a one man ordeal.  Two locations were attacked leaving 4 military and the gunman dead.  Reports have it that a lone gunman drove up to both places in a silver Mustang convertible.  Shots were fired into both facilities by this gunman, leaving many businesses on "lock down", until the areas were secured. 
We offer prayers to the families, friends and coworkers of the slain.  May God comfort them and give them strength to move through the following days after this event.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Audio Interface

The information states that this is a USB tascam us-1800  audio interface.  Getting into the entertainment business, can be expensive.  I know you want the very best equipment for your money.  Quality is a must because you want your audience to get the best of your efforts, when performing.  Look under the link in this post to see the different items that can build your music systems.  Get the service, sales and quality when you purchase through their website.

Ruling on Same Sex

Today, a landmark ruling came by way of our esteem government.  Now, there is GAY PRIDE everywhere, as same sex couples line up at the local county clerks offices to obtain their marriage licenses and make it legal!
I can just imagine our fore fathers turning over in their graves.  So, this is what America has come to and now we must deal with it on a legal basis.  Way, to go Supreme Court!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Everyone knows that you need a good sound system to handle a great performance, in a large area.  The better your amps, the better the quality.    Shopping online for a new  alesis ra500  is easy, when you go to the website under the link in this post.  Sales, service and shipping comes with your orders when you buy from the online store here.  They can assist you with all your music needs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hats In Race

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It was Ted Cruz, then that other guy, oh yeah, Marco Rubio and now Hillary!  Well, you see how many I really listened to and now we all are sitting around waiting to see which fool, will throw their hat in, next!  I'm not ready for all this crap, are you?  It's coming and all "we the people" can do is tolerate it, while it is going on.  Here's to another election, America!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get Me A Rat

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The last few days we've been telling the cat to get us a rat.......

If you look in her mouth, you can see that she's carrying something.

It's a rat.......on the ground.........and the damn thing is still alive, playing possum.......but, it's not long before she picks him up and tosses him up in the air playing with him...........later he became a meal for her and the rest another cat took.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Strato

While reading up on this performer, I noticed that his choice of guitar's was a 1963 "stratocaster", along with a backup of the same vintage.  The music of  philip sayce  is a mixture of Clampton, Vaughn, Hendrix and others.  I'm not from this music era, but my children are and I'm sure they would "rock out" to his music, if someone introduced them to it.  I will break down and listen to a few minutes of one of the videos on that website link in awhile.  For now, I will point you in the direction of the link in this post, should you be a person who enjoys his music.